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    LIFE HAPPENS I am an advocate for seeking inner strength and believing that we all have within ourselves the ability to navigate life’s curveballs: LIFE HAPPENS and we’ve got to be bold, strong, and true to ourselves to get through it, we can, and we will!

Each one of us has been blessed in some way. Nonetheless, we all face tragedy: illness, divorce, financial loss, or even death. We have all felt the heartache. This is part of life.

In life, I have been truly blessed as I have been granted the favor of motherhood to two wonderful college aged children.  I have also been blessed with many lifelong friends, a wonderful occupation as a teacher, and I have learned through times of tragedy, to treasure the little things in life and trust.

LIFE HAPPENS, and it is our reaction to such adversities that will be our legacy to ourselves and our families. It will be how we are defined as individuals. It is BOLDNESS and STRENGTH that will in the end, define our path.

“A person that dies without passion is to be mourned, one that dies with passion is a life to be celebrated” – Greek Philosophy.

My passion reads like this:

I have struggled with the notion to tell my story, however I have a passion to reach others in need. Not unlike many of you, I have experienced trauma. I buried my pain and anguish as I viewed any other approach as disrespectful to my family, mainly to my Father, who at the very young age of 38 took his own life. Suicide was viewed as something to be dealt with alone, despite the rising attempts and incidences.

One of my earliest memories was opening birthday presents wrapped in foil. Aluminum foil! It was my grandmother’s way. Through the eyes of a 3 year old girl, everything in my family was bright and shiny. Paradoxically, that image was one of the only memories I could recall for many years, as I had blocked out the remaining balance of my childhood.

A sunny October day in 1977, found me at the age of 13 stepping onto the back porch to see my Dad – my hero. He stood with his back to me, not knowing I was there. At that exact moment, I knew something wasn’t right. I so wanted to tell him those three most important words for someone to hear, but I couldn’t mutter “I love you” out of my mouth. That is the last living image I have of my father. That day was a day of despair; a day of lost hope. The concept that a strong man, a man who loved his family, who always worked hard to provide, to put others first, would end his own life, was inconceivable. At 6:00 pm on that sunny October day in 1977, search helicopters found my hero who had lost all hope.

From that moment on, nothing was ever the same. Our lives were shattered in every way. Every day was a struggle.
Just as our family began picking up the pieces, my dear grandmother passed away, followed by a devastating fire due to faulty wiring, that consumed our home in flames on a cold February morning. I was crushed.  I was overwhelmed with grief and fear. In one way or another we all traverse adversity and despair, and sometimes to a more difficult path, is to move on.

And again, not unlike most of you, I yet endured more grief in my LIFE HAPPENS journey. I lost my Mother at age 51, and soon thereafter I lost my 40 year old sister to cancer. On the heels of an ended 22 year marriage, I was lost in the abyss and I am here to tell you to never give up hope.  BE BOLD, BE STRONG, AND BE YOU! LIFE HAPPENS!

It is my sole objective to assist, if even only one suffering person, can sustain hope, trust, and embrace life, my goal will have been obtained and my story worth telling.

Please take a moment to view my website in its entirety. This project is dedicated to helping survivors of suicide. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to our local chapter of Survivors of Suicide, and encourage all to do likewise.

Just Trust,

Vera Lobdell